• Overview

    Student Transportation Services

    The MUJC provides member school districts with a cooperative transportation program that is efficient, economical, and safe. Member districts can contract for transportation services, such as to and from school pupil transportation, field trips, athletic events, vocational programs, intra-district shuttles, preschool disabled and extended day (wrap around) programs.

    Transportation Fleet

    MUJC's new fleet of 130 vehicles include mini-vans, 9 passenger vans, wheelchair vehicles, 24- and 54-passenger buses.


    Vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems. This technology allows the dispatch office to track routing, times, and vehicle locations. This system helps us to improve routes and provide evaluative information about drivers.
    Vehicle Maintenance Program
    MUJC now provides a vehicle maintenance program to member school districts. Districts now have the option of using this service rather than local garages or dealers. At times, MUJC may be able to provide a loaner vehicle while the district vehicle is in for repair or service. The member districts set the hourly rates and other pricing for repairs. The cost of parts needed for repair are billed at the cost charged to MUJC.
    Staff Training Program 
    MUJC provides a comprehensive training program to all drivers and school bus attendants. These programs include defensive driving programs and seminars discussing procedures for transporting students with disabilities.
    For additional information and fees, please call the Transportation Department at 908-790-9270.