• Related Services

    Related services are an integral part of students' educational  programs at the DLCs. Therapists provide support so that each student is able to benefit from our DLC program.

    Communication Services/ Speech and Language

    Appropriate use of functional communication skills is a goal for all students at the DLCs. Beginning with our preschool classes, services are delivered on a consultative basis. Language is embedded into our 1:1 discrete trial instructional program. Communication instruction continues throughout our primary, intermediate and secondary programs. The ultimate goal for our students is to demonstrate the greatest level of communicative competence as possible in preparation for maximum independence in adult life. Language and communication development are integral parts of the DLC program.  Upon entering the DLC, each student is assessed to determine skill levels and needs in the area of communication. Functional communication systems are individualized based on an assessment of the student’s currently demonstrated skills and developmental level. From simple exchange systems to tablet technology with the latest apps, we give our students the opportunity to develop their functional communication skills at school, home, and in the community through our enhanced and integrated approach. Transition is continuously considered as students navigate their educational journey in preparation for maximum independence in their adult life.

    Component services for speech and language consist of:
    Preschool -
    consultation - 2 times per week for thirty minutes per session
    Primary, intermediate and secondary students -
    2 thirty minute per week integrated speech and language sessions
    2 thirty minute per week individual  speech and language sessions

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy (“OT”) services address the multiple needs of our students.  Our occupational therapists work on motor and sensory skills which address movement, dexterity and activities of daily living through various modalities.  In our preschool and primary programs, the goal of occupational therapy is to promote sequential development of skills that provide a base for skilled movement so that our students are able to function and socialize in their home, school, play, and community environments.  Our therapists have the knowledge of the background skills necessary to promote success in our students.

    As students enter the intermediate and secondary  programs, occupational therapy services focus on the functional application of these underlying skills to leisure and vocational activities.  Occupational therapy is uniquely geared toward addressing these issues during community based instruction, job sampling, and job training experiences as students transition to adult life.

    Component services for occupational therapy consist of:

    Preschool - consultation - 2 times per week for thirty minutes per session

    Primary, intermediate and secondary students -

    2 thirty minute per week integrated occupational therapy sessions

    Health/ Adapted Physical Education

    All students receive three adapted physical education classes per week to work on physical fitness and motor, game, and leisure skills. Students have the opportunity to develop basic throwing, kicking, catching, and locomotor skills in an environment designed to promote success.  Students are able to learn and practice the skills they will need to participate in sport and leisure activities. Students also have the opportunity to participate in fitness activities on our track, rock climbing wall, and fitness equipment.

    Intermediate and secondary students receive one health class per week.  Our Family Life curriculum addresses many areas of health and wellness - from understanding how your body works to the effects of choices we make regarding nutrition, physical fitness and relationships. The goal of our Health and Adapted Physical Education program is to promote a life-long awareness for physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  


    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy (“PT”) is provided as an additional contracted service.  The role of the physical therapist is to help each student who receives PT develop the strength, endurance, and flexibility to move independently in and about the school and community environment.  School-based therapists focus on assisting students in acquiring the functional abilities necessary to use educational materials and adapt to their educational environment.  Our therapists consult with other staff members to help students achieve maximum independence and safety.

    Districts may contract with the MUJC for additional related services for DLC students in the following areas:

    • Speech/Language Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • 1:1 Teacher Assistant