• Events/Meetings

    The DLCs offer a variety of co-curricular extra and curricular events and activities for students and parents. Here is a sampling of opportunities for students, staff and parents:

    Back To School Night

    Back to School Night is held during the first month of the school year. This meeting provides an opportunity for parents to meet their child's teacher, therapists, behavior specialist and staff that will be working with their child.

    Parent/Admin Chats

    Parent/Admin Chats are monthly meetings designed to provide open communication with the MUJC administration, the DLC administration, and the parents.

    Parent Teacher Conferences

    Parent Teacher Conferences are encouraged anytime during the school year. The principal/supervisors, behavior specialist, teachers and therapists are available to discuss any problems pertaining to the educational progress, growth and development of your child. Parents should feel free to contact the school if any problems should arise concerning their child.Two general sets of parent-teacher conferences are scheduled during the school year. Students are dismissed early so that teachers are available to meet with parents. 

    Sibling Day

    Sibling Day provides the opportunity for siblings ages 4 and older the opportunity to visit them at school to share part of their school day. 

    Special Person's Day

    Special Person's Day provides the opportunity for people significant in the student's life the opportunity to visit them at school to share part of their school day.