• Program for Students with Multiple Disabilities


    The Morris-Union Jointure Commission (MUJC) provides a public school receiving program for students with unique learning needs who require specialized instruction designed to prepare them to transition to the least restrictive environment and community life.


    Student Population


    This program is designed to educate students with multiple disabilities, severe/cognitive impairments, social deficits, learning disabilities, and other disabilities requiring social, transitional and vocational instruction.


    Program Overview

    • Maximum 12 students per class
    • Classroom teachers are highly qualified and certified in special education
    • Each classroom is supported by one teacher assistant
    • Speech, occupational, physical therapy, behavioral/counseling services may be contracted by the student’s district, if required
    • Behavioral supports designed to encourage and reinforce positive behavior
    • Extracurricular activities during school hours including intramural sports, scouts, school newspaper, yearbook, and community service
    • PARCC, DLM and transition assessments administered, in-house or in coordination with the sending district
    • Inclusion experiences in sending district available
    • Extended school year program available

    Instructional Model

    • Strong academic based instructional program differentiated to provide individualized instruction across a continuum of learning activities
    • Academic and transition instruction focuses on providing authentic learning opportunities with the emphasis on the student’s ability to apply the learned knowledge and skills to everyday life activities
    • Continual assessment is built into the instructional model
    • Curriculum aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards
    • Follows the frameworks of Universal Design for Learning and Understanding by Design
    • Technology infused learning
    • Collaborative learning opportunities and peer-related activities 
    • Academics - Curricula programs include SRA Language Arts, Reading Milestones, Edmark, Touch Math, Number Books, SRA Science, F.O.S.S., STEM, SRA Social Studies
    • Life Skills - Independent living skills, consumer skills
    • Transition/Pre-Vocational Classes - Preparation to pursue structured learning environment experiences
    • Community Based Instruction - Generalize skills in the community
    • Health and Physical Education - Aquatics, wellness, team sports, leisure
    • Fine Arts - Music and art appreciation
    • Organizational and Study Skills - Support strategies for students to become self-managed learners
    Program Mission

    The program offers students with multiple disabilities a comprehensive education that emphasizes academic rigor, behavioral supports and transition planning in a challenging, engaging and supportive learning environment.  

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    Jennifer Ferraioli, Principal
    Developmental Learning Center-Warren
    217 Mountain View Road, Warren, NJ  07059
    908-762-5600 x 4410


    Denise Smallacomb, Assistant Superintendent
    Morris-Union Jointure Commission
    340 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ  07974