• Transition Assessment Services

    The Morris-Union Jointure Commission (MUJC) provides transition services designed to prepare students for home, work, and community life after school.  Instruction and assessment focus on functional academics, daily living skills, vocational education, recreation/leisure skills, and career exploration.
    The MUJC employs the following formal transition assessment methods:
    Achievement tests
    Interest inventories
    Adaptive behavior/daily living skills assessment
    Self-determination assessments
    Career maturity or employability tests
    Temperament inventories/instruments
    General and specific aptitude tests
    Transition planning inventories
    Intelligence tests
    Basic Transition Assessment Includes:
    Review of Existing Information
    Assessment of Student Interest
    Student Interview
    Assessment of Student Aptitude
    Parent Interview
    Completion of a Transition Planning Inventory
    Advanced Assessment - All of the Above Plus:
    Curriculum Based Assessment
    Career Development Assessment
    Independent Living Skills Assessment
    Training Assessment
    Adaptive Behavior Assessment
    Self-determination Assessment
    Achievement Testing
    Career Planning Assessment
    Community Based Assessment - All of the Above Plus:
    Completion of a Work Personality Profile
    Data Collection On-site During Community Based Activities
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