• Business Office

    340 Central Avenue
    New Providence, New Jersey 07974
    Phone: 908-464-7625
    Fax: 908-464-5240

Department Function Name Phone
Business Office School Business Administrator Michael Davison Ext. 1130
Assistant Business Administrator Lorraine Dillon Ext. 1131
Payroll Ext. 1117
Accounts Payable and Receivable Ext. 1120
Administrative Assistant to BA Dorothy Baylock Ext. 1130
Accounting Assistant Taylor Bergstrom Ext. 1109
Buildings and Grounds Property Service Manager Erik Hammerdahl Ext. 5014
Administrative Assistant Sasha Heinz Ext. 5013
Technology Information and Data Manager Maria Khanina Ext. 1182
Systems Manager Scott Sesnick Ext. 1141
Technology Specialist Michael Flaherty Ext. 4009
Information and Data Technology Specialist Cassandra Iglesias Ext. 1162