Home-Based Applied Behavior Analysis Program

The MUJC’s Home-Based Applied Behavior Analysis program provides a variety of services which include direct instruction and behavior reduction programs, as well as parent training services. The MUJC provides the services of a program coordinator, behavior specialists, special education teachers, and teacher assistants trained in the methodologies and techniques of applied behavior analysis. The school district and the MUJC program coordinator work cooperatively with parents to develop a plan and implement goals and objectives to meet the needs of the student in the home and community. Based on school district and parental input, student assessment, and direct observation, skill deficits are identified and prioritized, and programs, including the following elements, are developed and implemented: 

Skill Acquisition Programs
Activities of daily living
Leisure and play skills
Community skills
Safety issues
Functional communication
Sibling related issues
Language skills
Social interaction skills

Behavior Reduction Programs

Aggressive behaviors
Non-compliant behaviors
Attention-seeking behaviors
Self-injurious behaviors
Destructive behaviors
Stereotypical behaviors