School Closings & Delayed Openings
Working closely with the local police departments and member school districts, the MUJC has developed a system to notify parents of school closures.
School Closing/Delayed Opening 
When there is no school or a delayed opening, parents are contacted through the district's Instant Alert System - A message will also be posted on the voice messaging service at each school after 6:30 AM. If there is a delayed opening, schools will open 2 hours later than the typical start time.
Radio Stations
101.5               92.7
104.9               94.3
105.7               96.9
107.3               1260
Television Stations 
School closing information displayed at the bottom of the TV screen.
New Jersey Channel 12
WABC-TV (Channel 7)
WNYW-TV (Channel 5)
WNBC-TV (Channel 4)
Verizon FiOS1
WABC-TV Closing Information:
Verizon FiOS1:
MUJC Website:
Emergency Early Closing 
When there is an emergency early closing, parents will be notified by telephone and through the Instant Alert System before students will be dismissed. An early emergency closing will be called when weather or conditions are worsening as the day progresses or for any other emergency.
If inclement weather is predicted for the day, please be near a telephone in case it is necessary to close schools. Students will not be permitted to leave school on the bus unless a parent is contacted and an adult will be at home.
Last Modified on February 4, 2014